Python for Data Science


Python for Data Science

About this Course

Are you looking to learn Python to enable your data science career? You have come to just the right place!
Python has rapidly become the go-to language in the data science space and is among the first things recruiters search for in a data scientist's skillset. It consistently ranks top in global data science surveys and its widespread popularity will only keep on increasing in the coming years.The top data science companies in the world are leveraging Python for their everyday projects:
Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning,and remains so as the system grows and evolves.Today dozens of Google engineers use Python,and we are looking for more people with skills in this language. - Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google Inc.
So are you ready to power up your career and learn the best data science language? Enroll NOW!
This is the first module of the more comprehensive Introduction to Data Science course where you will learn about the different aspects of data science, including statistics, probability, and the basics of machine learning


This course requires no prior knowledge of Python or Data Science.


Understanding Operators
Variables and Data Types
Conditional Statements
Looping Constructs
Data Structure
Understanding Standard Libraries in Python
Reading a CSV File in Python
Data Frames and basic operations with Data Frames
Indexing a Data Frame

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is meant for people looking to learn Data Science. We will start out to understand the pre-requisites, and then go on to solve case studies using Data Science concepts.

This is a self paced course, which you can take any time at your convenience over the 6 months after your purchase.

If you can put between 3 to 4 hours a week, you should be able to finish the course in 3 to 4 weeks.

You will get information about all installations as part of the course.

This is a free course.

We would highly recommend taking the course in the order in which it has been designed to gain the maximum knowledge from it.

No, as it is a free course, there is no certificate involved.

This is a free course.

You will be able to access the course material for six months since the start of the course.

This is a beginner course and comes without any placement support. You can check various opportunities on Analytics Vidhya Jobs portal and participate in our Hiring Hackathons

Why take this course?

How often do you come across free structured Python courses taught by experts? Here's your golden chance to grab a front seat and learn.


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