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Up Level your Data Science Resume

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About This Course

Updating your resume is a skill that you can learn (yes you). Once you know how to expertly update your resume, you’ll be able to effectively market your skills when applying for your next Data Science job and all of the jobs you apply to in the future.

You just need a nice looking template that gets past the automated systems, an understanding of what companies are looking for, and a way to showcase your skills that gets noticed and makes an impact. This is specifically what the Up-Level Your Resume course was designed to do.


This course is for you if you are applying to jobs and not receiving phone screens for the positions you want. If you are receiving phone screens, your resume is not the problem, the problem is at a different area in the job seeking process.

If you're applying to data science positions, in general, you have a quantitative degree, have an understanding of SQL, are familiar with at least one programming language, and have learned a couple machine learning techniques that you could apply to solve business problems with data. This course is also beneficial if you're trying to get a job in general analytics (as an analyst), and your skill set does not include machine learning or much programming, but you have a quantitative degree and understand SQL.


1. Introduction - Discussing what the course will cover.

  • Resume Template

  • Questions to ask yourself cheat sheet

2. Resume Layout - Making sure you'll get past the applicant tracking system, about your header, and resume best practices.

  • Resume Best Practices cheat sheet

  • Tips for getting past ATS article

3. Your Tagline - Discussing objectives and summaries and how you can create a tagline for your resume that makes an impact. Why you wouldn't want a soft-skills section on your resume and how to try and incorporate some of the softer skills into your tagline.

  • Writing a strong tagline cheat sheet.

  • Competencies you want to convey as a data scientist cheat sheet

4. Your skills - Where and how to position your technical and analytical skills on your resume. Which skills to include. The difference between a resume and a CV.

5. Listing your Experience - How to write concise, clear bullets for your resume that makes an impact. The soft skills that companies are looking for and how to decode job descriptions.

  • Perfecting Experience Bullet Points cheat sheet

  • An example job description highlighting competencies cheat sheet

  • Exceptional action verbs cheat sheet

6. Experience Part 2 - Removing things from your resume that no longer serve you and the position you're trying to attain.

7. Positioning your education - Where to position your education and how much space this should take up on your resume, based on your amount of experience.

  • Positioning yourself for a career change article

8. LinkedIn and Cover Letters - Tips for updating your LinkedIn profile and writing your cover letter.

  • LinkedIn cheat sheet

  • Cover Letter template

  • Cover Letter cheat sheet

9. Final Thoughts - Closing comments

Course Staff

Kristen Kehrer


Kristen Kehrer is a Data Scientist with 9 years’ experience who delivers innovative and actionable machine learning solutions in business. Throughout the 9 years, Kristen has interviewed numerous data scientists for data science positions, reviewed countless resumes, and has personally worked with a career coach to crack the winning formula for the data science resume.


For people undergoing the course, you can call us any time between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Weekdays Monday - Friday on +91-8368253068 or email us on