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November 27,2017 - October 31,2018

DataHack Summit 2017 - Day 2

Get access to videos of all the sessions of the second day during Datahack Summit 2017

About The DataHack Summit

DataHack Summit was a unique conference aimed towards data science leaders and practitioners, analytics COE heads and business decision makers across various industry verticals. All sessions and workshops were crafted to be technical in nature and hands-on sessions. The conference focused on Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Modelling, A.I., Machine Learning, etc. The event was a huge success with around 800 participants representing close to 200 companies. The highlights of the conference were: 30+ talks, 10+ hack sessions, 6 workshops and Dr. Kirk D Borne as the keynote speaker

These videos are of the first day of the conference exclusively available only to the conference attendees until our next conference in 2018.


No pre-requisites are required for the conference attendees to follow this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of this course?

This course would be available till one year i.e. Oct 2018.

Who can access this course?

Only the DataHack Summit participants are allowed to access this course.

I was not a participant in the DataHack Summit, can I still access this course?

Yes, you can access this course after contacting


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  • Smart City Data Analytics - Location Aware Mobile Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence as seen through TensorFlow Deep Learning
  • Keynote: Building Next Gen Data Science Ecosystem in India
  • Use IBM PixieDust and Data Science Experience to Analyze Open City Datasets
  • Demystifying the What, Why and How of Chatbot
  • How can you Identify Fraud in FINTECH lending using Deep Learning
  • How to Create Hyper Personalised Offers using Transaction Patterns?
  • Panel Discussion - The need to Rethink Deep Learning
  • Why should you Believe my Model Predictions?
  • Nuts and Bolts of IoT
  • Deep Vision for Auto Parts Quality Inspections
  • Hack Session: Automate Machine Learning Pipeline using MLBox
  • How do you Discover most Profitable Customer?
  • Merchant Mathematics: Choosing a Product Cart during Sales
  • Hack Session: Neural Approach to Build Recommendation System
  • Overview of Healthcare Analytics - Demo: Image Analytics and IoT
  • Business Drivers from Sensitivity Analysis in Dental Market
  • Hack Session: Image Classification using CNN (Deep learning Architecture)
  • Hack Session: Squeezing the Last Drops of Accuracy with Ensemble Learning
  • Hack Session: Visual Storytelling with D3.js
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